THE COMMittees


Do you want to get your boogie on and bust out a move at the best parties of EUC? Here is your chance! Party Co, possibly the most vibrant committee of them all, dares you to show us what you got! Here at Party Co, we host an unforgettable party every single Quad. Think of ‘Drunken Sailor’ themed parties, a festive Christmas party, a pub crawl, or a beer cantus, you name it! If you think you’re up for the task to organise legendary parties, let us know!

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Does travelling to Zimbabwe, Morocco, or even a hitchhike competition to a place unknown to you sound exciting? At Travel Co, our aim is not just to show you Rotterdam, but to show you the world! We organise trips all around the world, ending usually with big trip at the end of the last Quad. We will make sure you gain a different perspective on the world, experience new cultures and create awesome memories with your friends.

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Music Co gives you the chance to vibe away and to enjoy the melodic sounds of your friends. We organise jam sessions for anyone to join, we arrange performances to put you in the spotlight if you’d like and even take you to concerts to enrich your musical taste! Start your own band, create your own sound and make new friends. Our aim is to create a platform for you to let out your musical creativity, connect with others and maybe you will learn a thing or two! Interested? Applications start in September.

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Live Guitar

Giving back to the community whether it’s locally in Rotterdam or somewhere across the planet, a good cause is a good cause. Our goal is, together with your help, to make this world a better place. We organise events, such as our yearly Butler Auction, where you can bid on whatever someone brings to the table in order to help out a selected charity. Besides that, we organise dinner with refugees and much more. Are you interested in giving back? Join our team and let’s make this world a better place for everyone!

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Performance Co. gives you the opportunity to show all members of EUC and EUR what you’ve got in stall. Do you have a hidden talent, crazy skill or are you just straight up hilarious? Our Talent Show is waiting for you! Don’t worry if you are not into talent shows, we offer much more! Every year, we organise a play; written, directed and performed by our very own students. Why not give it a shot? After all, there’s a star in everyone!

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Actress on a Stage
Mass Media.Co

Down to write something else than long, tedious essays? Here is your chance! At Mass Media Co. we document all the events that happen around EUC and publish it on our very own website, If you enjoy writing, practice journalism or simply want to expand your horizon, join our team! Other events we organise include, but are definitely not limited to, our very own ‘Chug ‘n Write’ where you have to get as creative as possible with your writing skills after having had some golden soda.

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Have you ever thought about the best comeback after the argument was over? Worry no more! Here at Debating Co., we allow you to get your ideas across, teach you a thing or two, and learn about new perspectives through speaking, politics and debating! You don’t need any experience, we just want you to get out there and show them what you got!

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International Flags

Celebrating EUC’s diversity! For all members and friends of the LGBTQ+ community. Organising fun events, creating a safe space for anyone, and partying together at the big Gay Pride parties in The Netherlands! Within Rotterdam, there are many LGBTQ+ organisations, events, and social spots to go to. We want to help you to get to know them.

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Pride Parade