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Gala Team EUCSA
Gala Team EUCSA

Are you prepared to get your fanciest clothes out for the event of the year, the EUCSA GALA All In? This year the elegant event will go beyond your expectations as it will be a lustrum gala to celebrate ten years of EUCSA, so you can bet it will be one of the biggest events of EUCSA. The casino themed gala will be held at Weelde the 19th of May and will delight you with games and prizes! There will be a 3 course dinner cooked by the chef (don’t worry we made sure it will be delicious!) with free drinks during the dinner and 3 tokens during the party. There will be goodie bags, chocolate fountain and many more surprises you will not want to miss. So get your tickets quickly as they are limited and see you there!❤️

Elisa J
Stella Jonville
Thuna Saphier
Emel Erol


Gala Team organizes one of the most memorable and special ev...


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