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*_Entrance will be at the front (arcade side) of Poing._* We can’t wait to dance with y’all tonight! ❤️

🔒 You’ll need a 2€ coin for a *locker* at Poing. _If you need a space to change clothes, reach out to the floor team._🔒

🎪 _Downstairs (Poing basement) there will be a game room, photo booth, chill area and you will also find the bathrooms there._🤹‍♀️

🚨 *Please read the house rules!everyone is welcome & we are all responsible for making this a memorable safer clubbing experience! Not following these rules will result in immediate expulsion from the venue and future EUCSA events. We will also inform the relevant authorities.* 🚨

👼 The *floor angels* will be recognizable by their pink LED armbands and t-shirts. If you need/want to reach someone by phone, call *Isa Schulting (+31 6 28726137)*. 👼

🚪 Doors open at 22.00 and close at 23.00 🚪

*There is a no-camera policy on the dance floor (main room), enjoy the moment! Pictures will be consensually captured by the photographers* 📸

🎟️ Tickets will be available until they sell out or the doors close via or the app. 🎟️

See you at Poing! 🎡🎪


Creating memories for the whole community, Party Co aims to ...


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