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Gala Team EUCSA
Gala Team EUCSA

Take your fanciest outfits out of the closet and get ready for an unforgetable night, the EUCSA Gala!!!🌟🎥We will travel back in time to the golden age of Hollywood, and you will be welcomed by the red carpet and the photocall as the star that you are. The Gala will take place the 16th of May in Zalmhuis, a restaurant taken straight out of a fantasy movie. There will be a 3 course dinner, that you can customise to your preference (Spoiler Alert: it will be delicious👨🏽‍🍳⚠️). You are also invited to the after party and will receive 2 golden tokens. There will be many plot twists coming that you will not want to miss, so get your tickets quickly as they are limited and sell out FAST. See you there and be ready to be the shiniest star of the night!💫💫

Gala Team EUCSA


Gala Team organizes one of the most memorable and special ev...


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