Elections 2021


The EUCSA Board 2021/2022

Pro-Tip: Ask the current board members for more information on the exact roles and responsibilities!​ We're always in for a 1-on-1 meeting!


King/Queen of the Calculator

  • In charge of the entire financial administration of EUCSA

  • Secures the financial health of EUCSA

  • Responsible for the annual allocation of the EUCSA Budget

  • Ensures that all financial procedures are always upheld


Mission Control

  • Presides over the Board Meetings & General Assemblies

  • Ensures that the Policy Manual is always respected

  • The main spokesperson for EUCSA 

  • Keeps the Board (and the association in general) focused and motivated

  • Responsible for the long-term vision of EUCSA


 Vice-chair and communications champion

  • Responsible for all Internal EUCSA

  • Able to step in as interim chair 

  • Takes minutes at all meetings and GA's

  • Key role in the administration and organization of EUCSA

  • Works closely with the Chair to set the agendas

  • Facilitates communication between EUC and EUCSA

CAO (3x)

Head Coach

  • The main point of Communication between the EUCSA Board and the Committees

  • Provides support and guidance to the Committees

  • Monitors the Committees' activity 

  • Makes sure that all Committees will stay active and motivated

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