Writing & Journalism Co. 



Chair: Isabel Bruijstens

Treasurer: Boris Simonse

General Members: Hugo Rouzade, Vanshika Puri, Margrate 

Writing & Journalism Co. is EUC’s online creative publishing committee, with its core initiative being the website:



The Broken Printer is designed to be the place for EUC students to express themselves, share their opinion and to enjoy the creations and posts of their fellow students. And make no mistake: we’re not only about writing! The Broken Printer is an online publishing platform: anything that fits the online blog format is welcome!


Do you want to publish some of your writing? Are you a visual artist and want to share your work? Do you make music? Did you see a cool documentary and want to spread the word? Did you see something in the news you wish to talk about? Are you a photographer and have some pictures that deserve to be looked at by more than one set of eyes? Did you see a cool exhibition and want to share your experience? Or is there something else that you think deserves publishing? The list is endless!


There are no words to explain the broadness of this project.

​Share, create, view, read, listen... but most of all, enjoy!

Apart from organizing the website, Writing & Journalism Co. hosts cool competitions (within the discipline of writing, but also visual art, music, performing – anything!) and events such as the Chug ‘n Write, where people, well, drink beers (or sodas!) and write!