EUCSA Membership


Enjoy many incredible EUCSA-exclusive discounts throughout Rotterdam and even beyond.


Events, shops, restaurants, and much more you cannot even possibly imagine. You can benefit from it as long as your membership is valid, and the number of deals is always increasing!

The Network and Acquisitions Board is working extra hard this year to establish some amazing partnerships. 


All events that you do not want to miss as a student. From lectures and conferences, to holiday trips and "beer cantuses". We got you covered.


Enjoy many (exclusive) annual and regular EUCSA events either free or for a significant discount.  This includes, for instance, all committee events, the EUCSA Weekend and the Gala.

Have a look around the website or our facebook page for an impression of what these events can offer you.



Expand your network and get to know new people, hobbies and locations! Meet your new best friends, be part of a committee and organize the best events.

With over 27 committees and teams, there is a place for everyone; from gaming, debating and sustainability, to sports and partying. Still found something that is not yet represented? Feel free to propose a brand-new committee!


Get a one-year membership

You can also sign-up in person if you prefer to pay in cash! Come by the board room with a filled in Digital Privacy Policy (click below) and 50€.