Image by Chronis Yan

Investment co.

Chair: Jules Vitre

Treasurer: Tehoen Kim

General Members: Hyewon Jung


As our name suggests our committee is mainly focused on all types of investment such as art, stocks, etc…  Our objective is to educate and help students of euc get into the world of investment and finance more easily. Thus we organize events such as financial forecast workshops but we are also doing some real world stock market investments ! Equally important for us  is to help students get a better footing in the professional world of finance. 


If you are interested in participating in our events follow our instagram @investment_co_eucsa

Our Motto: 

A committee to enlighten you about the world of investing and help set you on a path to financial freedom.


Our goal: 

To ensure that any EUCSA member with an interest has access to develop themselves with the basics to the most fundamentally important strategies in the world of investing. 


Since the investment world is big we want to be able to spark an interest and acknowledgement enough so that one can go out to learn even more about what can potentially be a hidden passion and or life changing experience. 


What we do: 

  • Brainstorm creative ways to engage and teach the EUCSA community about investing 

  • Reach out to numerous financial firms

  • Making investing fun!