Have you always wanted to be an Introweek mom or dad? A reliable guide that teaches the new students the tricks of the trade? Well, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for! Relive the entire EUC Introduction Week, take your students to all events and show them the secrets of EUC & Rotterdam.


Apply for Introweek Guide an make it a week your students will never forget.

We know you can do it.


You have also (probably) been through the entire Introweek, so it is likely that you kow the drill. The EUCSA Board organizes the introweek, but it is absolutely not possible without our guides. During the entire Introweek, the Board will need your guidance and support! Besides that, and among other things, you and your partner will:

  • mentor a group of first-year students during the week 

  • make sure everyone has fun and feels involved.

  • be present during the most amazing events and help where needed.


Until the end of this month (June),  applications are officially open. All you have to do is send a video(s) with your partner to, explaining to us why you are the guide that we are looking for! For extra credits, make sure that you will cover the following things in your masterpiece (it is completely up to you though):

  • Introduce each other

  • Make up your own EUC song (be creative!)

  • Tell us your best pick-up line