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First flEaUC clothing swap this academic year! 🎽🧥👞

Clean out your closet and come join our clothing swap at flEaUC this Thursday!

Bring clothes, books or whatever else you want to swap. There will also be snacks & repairs. See you there!


Collab with POC co

Come and join us with Oscar Talbot, to discuss abolitionist environmental justice, the reflective workshop hopes to engage and share ideas about your opinion on what the climatic future looks like on an international and national level. In the Atrium on May 11th at 15:30 !!!



come and celebrate earth day with us on Lucia Terrace we have fun events run by lots of different Co's all day 😊 and end the evening with food and a jam session 🌼


Urmilla Vallassery

Hi everyone! SusCo and FemCo would like to invite you to join us for a zine making event with the theme ecofeminism🌏

Zines are small self-published magazines and a great way to express your creativity or opinion on a particular topic, you are completely free to make whatever you want to, there are no rules!

The event is taking place in the EUC multifunctional room on Tuesday March 7 at 18.00. If you have any magazines or other useful material lying around, bring them! We'll provide some as well, in addition to snacks and drinks and some information on ecofeminism to help you along. We hope to see you there! 🌳

Join us for open discussion on sustainable nutrition on 2nd March! 🍲🌱

Gain insights from experts in the field, ask any questions you have, or come with your concerns to discuss in a group!

We will be discussing topics of both environmental and behavioural sustainability, and the complexities of nutrition. With no right or wrong decisions, we hope to host an open, inclusive and sensitive environment.

Is there a specific food, dish or snack that you would like to know more about its sustainable and nutritious value? Or a particular topic that you struggle with in your daily life regarding sustainability and nutrition? Bring it all to the event to spark the discussion! 🥐🍓🍪

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