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Hi everyone!! At this year’s exhibition there will be a charity auction again🎉

We are looking for students who want to auction their talents and time or lend their objects – and of course, all proceeds will be donated to charity🙌

Do you have anything to contribute and/or ideas? Send us a message (chair = Malou +31 6 80154191)📲


What are you gifting your Valentine?

  • 0%A classic rose

  • 0%Delicious cookies

  • 0%A handmade card

  • 0%Shhh that’s a secret

Hi!! Next week is Valentine's Day, and you can order roses and cookies now!

🌹 Sign up to gift a rose:

Sign up to give a delicious treat from La Casita 🍰, a bakery owned by former EUC students:

Urmilla Vallassery

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