Future Co.

ChairMarijn Ruijters

Treasurer: Maren Borne

General Members: Daniela Viteri, Aryana Desai, Evelien van Meeteren, Flo den Hartog



Our committee was born out of the merge of EUCSA and SAAC, and we are taking over the events previously hosted by SAAC such as Future Month (hence: FutureCo!). We have been established to create events throughout the whole year that help EUCSA'ers prepare for what's ahead after EUC. For example, we will organise workshops to give you all the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in your future career. Next to this we also host events with professionals including EUC Alumni to network and share experiences giving you a hand with what do to with a LAS degree. 



Interested in taking that next step towards your future? Follow us on Instagram @eucsafutureco

Are you a professional or EUC-Alumni and want to connect with our association? Reach us on Instagram or via email (future@eucsa.nl)! Love, your FutureCo