ucsrn team

Chair: Christine Dekker

Treasurer: Can Yilmazer

General members: Juliette Potier, Luca Aburad, Sebastian Medloff


UCSRN stands for University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands and represents a network of all the University Colleges in the Netherlands. Our team organizes events that are accessible for students from all University Colleges and helps other University Colleges organize events accessible to EUC students. Every year, we help to organize events such as the spotlight event, an art and film festival, a beer fest and a sports event. We are in contact with all the other university colleges to look at each other academic strengths and learn from each other in this way. Overall, we aim to create better connections between the different colleges in both an academic and social setting. 

For more information visit the UCSRN website ucsrn.nl

And look on our Instagram @euc_ucsrnteam_2021