Yearbook co

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Chair: Anna Nishiotis


General Members: We are still looking for members to help with the Yearbook this year! If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us through our email ( or Instagram.


The Yearbook Committee’s task is to capture the academic year’s memories and make them available to the student body and staff in the form of a beautifully designed book that we hope will make people smile for decades to come.  The Yearbook usually includes student and staff pictures and quotes, event pages, information on committees and boards, student demographics and the student and staff survey. New additions to the Yearbook last year included collaborations with almost all other committees resulting in the creation of interactive pages including crossword puzzles, quizzes, cocktail recipes, and intriguing maps. Furthermore, last year marked the first time the EUC Yearbook was printed sustainably. 

Creating a yearbook is a multifaceted experience involving creativity, organization, and communication. The committee works behind the scenes throughout the year, communicating with students, staff, OSEA, the EUCSA board, printing companies and more, collecting materials, organizing photo days, designing, and ultimately selling and distributing the book.