Performance Co. 

Chair: Annabel Rutten

Treasurer: Bente Delmée

General members: Vera Huigen, Juliette Potier, Joey van halderen

Performance Co. is about everything that is performance-related, from acting itself to all that is happening backstage. In a word, Performance Co. is about creativity. Our team aims to bring people together through artistic activities such as improv night, workshops and, as tradition, the end-of-the-year play. For this big event, we write or modify an existing script, organize auditions, create costumes and decors, all leading up to the premiere in quad 4. Performance Co. is a sharing and creative community, whether you have a lot of experience or not, everyone is welcome.


If you want to hear more or want to stay up-to-date you can visit our Instagram @eucsaperformance. See you soon backstage! Love, Performance Co.