Image by Fallon Michael

Merch Co. 

Chair: Cazper Steigstra

Treasurer: Stefanie Essaadi

General Members: Thor Heuer, Janne Berg, Bink Kwist

As Merch Committee of EUCSA we focus on creating merchandise for the EUC community. In the past we have mainly designed clothes, such as sweaters and t-shirts, but also other forms of merchandise such as coffee cups and notebooks. Besides making our own lines of merch, we collaborate with many other committees for their merchandise, like hoodies for Skitrip or football jerseys for the EUC football team. This acadamic year we are trying to expand as a committee by also doing events in collaboration with other committees: our ‘Fix Your Thrifts’ workshop for example, organised together with Sustainability Co. 


To find out about what else we are working on make sure to follow us on Instagram: @merchco_eucsa