Image by Sérgio Alves Santos

Bar board

Chair: Carla Rodriguez-Villa

Treasurer: Renee Hoevers

General Members: Lisa Mathey


Bar Board was established in 2017 with the dream of opening an EUCSA-exclusive student-runned bar in EUC. Today, Bar Board functions as the mobile Bar of EUCSA. We organize events at bars all over Rotterdam so you can explore the best bars with us. At each bar we visit, there will be a specific event such as cocktail nights, wine/beer tastings, (drinking) games and anything we can think of! As a board, we also organize borrels with different committees specific to the event, providing free drinks for everyone who is a EUCSA member. Bar Board is for anyone who likes to be social and have fun in a chill atmosphere. Follow us on instagram so you don’t miss any of our events! @eucsa_bar



Bar Board of EUCSA