Image by Raphael Renter

Queer co

Chair: Claire Santen

Treasurer: Juan Cruz

General Members: Jeanne Gachet, Mo Hofstede, Isa Schulting, Callisto Jones, Freya Peers and Camille Ruiz


The Queer Collective holds a space to celebrate and care for queer identities. Through an extensive social network including a website with an archive of resources, local queer artists, weekly articles written by ourselves and a podcast as well a regularly updated Instagram page, the collective’s central philosophy is promoted: community and intersectionality. Queer Co. hosts exhibitions, talks, workshops, and screenings as well as a variety of celebratory events such as parties, ballroom workshops, and anything that facilitates creative outlets. These events are often hosted in collaboration with other committees, and other queer initiatives in the city. Our main goal is to bring our community together, queer or non-queer, and aim to educate and engage people with or without any prior knowledge.