Image by Mimi Thian

Entrepreneurial Co.

Chair: Anjali Agarwal

Treasurer: Dominik Morf

External Affairs Officer: Laetitia Nyssens

Brainstorm Head: Christian Damoiseaux 


General members: Hyewon Jung & Maja Białaszek (Marketing Team)

Paula Simgen & Aprajita Pandhey (Co-working Team)


Hi from the ENT Committee! We are a team of 8 passionate EUC students interested in entrepreneurship, startups and sustainability who want to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to tackle on-going local and further-reaching problems.  


The Entrepreneurial Committee was found a year ago to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship at a Liberal Arts & Sciences University. With the mission to foster entrepreneurial spirit within EUC, the committee aims to inspire and educate people about business and sustainability, how to use creativity and problem-solving skills in tackling day-to-day problems, and what it takes to work on your projects effectively. 


To fulfill our mission and spread awareness about the importance of entrepreneurial approach, we organize multiple events a year. Each quad we host a big event accompanied by smaller, cozy and inspiring brainstorming sessions led by the Brainstorm Head - Christian. So far, we organized The Dean’s Challenge - a team competition with the aim of solving a sustainability problem, several speaker’s and panel events with experienced entrepreneurs and business experts as well as entrepreneurial workshops.

The past events have inspired many EUC students to take up new projects which they could work on during Co-working spaces - our committee’s initiative to help and supervise aspiring entrepreneurs in their business-building journey!


Interested in entrepreneurship, startups, sustainability and business? Feel free to join our events and check our instagram @entrepreneurial.co_euc & LinkedIn @entrepreneurial-committee-euc. For any business inquires, please reach out via email :