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This is a list of all the committees that are currently active at EUCSA. Click on the links to see more information, contact  details and current board members.

The best events

As an EUCSA member, you are free to join any event organized by the committees. There is no need to be in a committee board to attend these events! 

The events range from conferences and paintball tournaments to climate strikes and beer cantusses. There is a place for everyone!

Do you feel like info on why you should become a member?


EUCSA has a total of 27 active committees and 5 boards/teams. Without them, EUCSA would not be able to exist; the power of EUCSA and its committees 100% relies on the enthusiasm and participation of our members.


Below, you will find everything you need regarding the many diverse committees that are currently active. 

we need you!

Every committee needs board members in order to exist and organize events. Throughout the year, you will have several possibilities to join a committee board.

Are you feeling like your interests are not represented well enough? You always have the right to propose your very own committee during the next General Assembly!


Feel free to ask the board for more information! 

  • Image by Kunal Shinde

    Sustainability Co

  • Image by Steven Lelham

    Sports Co

  • Confetti

    Party Co

  • Holding a Microphone

    Podcast CO

  • Music co

  • Image by Kyle Head

    Performance co

  • Handshake

    MUN CO

  • Sweaters on a Rack

    Merch co

  • Clifftop Yoga

    Health & Welness co

  • Image by Aaron Burden

    Writings &

    Journalism co

  • Image by Christopher Paul High

    gaming Co

  • Image by Jason Leung

    Investment Co

  • Handheld Camera

    Film & Photo Co

  • Image by Samson

    Future co

  • Image by Steve Johnson

    Queer Co

  • Image by Paul Hanaoka

    Yearbook co

  • Eucxinspire

  • Conference Speaker

    debating co

  • Image by Samantha Weisburg

    dance co

  • Image by Anna Pelzer

    cooking co

  • Image by Toa Heftiba

    charity co

  • Image by Clay Banks

    Black Co [NEw]

  • Image by Hunters Race

    entrepreneurial co [new]


EUCSA Teams & Boards only focus on one goal or major event throughout the year. 



Image by Fauzan Saari


Image by Alvin Mahmudov


Image by Alexander Popov


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