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What is a


Watch the video below and you'll have a pretty good idea!

  • Ticket price: €8 for EUCSA members. €12 for non-EUCSA.

  • 3 free drinks are included in the ticket price.

  • If you're <18, you're still allowed to join the event. However, as always, you are not allowed to consume any alcoholic drinks.

  • Please do not forget to pick up your wristband in advance at EUC. 

  • Make sure to bring a valid ID to BIRD.

  • The Cantus will start at 10 PM sharp. The doors will close at the same time, so you don't want to be late! 

  • The Cantus will end at 02 PM

  • Please stick to the rules (see below) during the Cantus. Violating the rules will have consequences.

  • Finally, make sure to sing along, lose your voice and enjoy a truly unforgettable night! 


RULES & Regulations 

  1. if you're caught drinking and you are under 18 (illegal in the Netherlands) you will be removed from the cantus without warning.

  2. Refrain from standing on the tables and benches. If you still chose to do so, you will have to leave the Cantus and pay for any additional damage you may have caused.

  3. Always follow the directions from the responsible EUCSA Board & PartyCo members and BIRD staff.

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