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Pro Tip: You want your application to stand out from the others! Be creative! 

EUCSA has 22 committees in total! You can find out all about them on our committee page. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask any member of the EUCSA Board or one of the Committees.

(!) Important: Applications for all the Teams and the Networking & Acquisitions Board are also open! 

The deadline for the application is Monday, the 11th of May.

This is a strict deadline; we will not take applications after this date!

Motivation Letter max. 600 words.


Please include at least:

  • A picture of yourself

  • what position you would like to apply for (Chair or Treasurer)

  • Why you should get the position

  • Past Experience


  • Chair (see Policy Manual)

    • Main contact point and spokesperson for the committee

    • Responsible for the performance and long-term vision of the Co

    • Makes sure that all Committee members are always motivated and involved

  • Treasurer (see Policy Manual)

    • Responsible for the financial administration of the committee.

    • Responsible for the Committee's budget proposals

    • Monitores and manages the financial status (budget, expenses, etc) of the Committees in cooperation with the EUCSA Board. 

(!) Important: Applications for the Acquisitions Team have not opened yet! Their selection process will start later this year. More info on that soon.


Motivation Letter

Thanks for Submitting! :)

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