EUCSA has 18 committees in total! On our committee page you can find out more about a few of them if you have any question, do not hesitate to ask board.


The deadline for the application will be on Friday, the 24th of May.

We will not take applications after this date!

Motivation Letter max. 600 words.


Please include: 

  • Past experience

  • A picture of yourself

  • Why you should get the position

  • what position you would like to apply for (Chair or Treasurer)

Available positions


The Chairperson is responsible for the committee board actions.


The functions of the chairperson are as follows:


  • Motivate the committee members.

  • Presiding over committee meetings.

  • Working closely with the committee members on setting agendas and planning of the committee meetings.

  • Responsible for the long-term vision.

  • Ensuring that the actions of the Treasurer are in line with the EUCSA plans.

  • Being responsible for communication between the committee and EUCSA Board

  • Making sure all the points of the Policy Manual are respected.


The Treasurer is in charge of all financial aspects of the bar board.


The tasks of the Treasurer are the following:


  • Being responsible for the financial administration of the committee.

  • Allocation of a budget to the committee.

  • Monitoring and deciding over the financial status of the committee in cooperation with the EUCSA board.


  1. Cooking Committee

  2. Performance Committee

  3. Travel Committee

  4. Health & Welfare Committee

  5. LGBTQ+ Committee

  6. Sports Committee 

  7. Mass Media Committee

  8. Charity Committee 

  9. Dance Committee

  10. MUN Committee

  11. Debating Committee

  12. Music Committee

  13. Party Committee

  14. Film & Photo Committee 

  15. Investment Committee

  16. Yearbook Committee

  17. Podcast Committee

  18. Sustainability Committee


1. Ski Team

2. EUCxInspire Team



Motivation Letter
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