Networking and Acquisitions Board

Who are we?

We are the Networking & Acquisitions Board who will take care of all (non-)financial relationships between the EUCSA and external bodies and organizations. The N&A Board seeks to establish valuable partnerships that benefit both parties and raise funds for the EUCSA community.

Our Aim

Our aim is to find partners are companies, organizations, governments and more.

In return for the money that we raise, we offer different methods to promote these organizations in our EUCSA student and/or alumni network community.


There are many ways of doing so, such as a promotion of the organization through different social media channels, collaboration with our social/academic events, workshops or in-house day.

Our Partners

Next to gathering funds from external parties, our main objective of the N&A Board is also to find partnerships that are valuable for EUCSA members. This is important for our community as we would like to organize events that have value for our members with different academic interests.

Here is our some of our current partners

are you interested in being part of the new N&A Board?

If you're a professional, smooth-talking, quick on your feet businessman/woman or are interested in acquiring these new skills, we want you for our brand new Networking & Acquisitions Board. Under the supervision of the EUCSA Board, the N&A Board will be responsible for collecting external income and establishing partners for the

EUCSA Board and our respective committees.

Open positions: Chair, Treasurer and general members

Application type: Motivational Letter

How: Send an email to

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