Networking and Acquisitions Board

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N&A Board of 2020-2021. From left to right: Guido Pistorius, Christian Damoiseaux, Boele van Oosten, Vivian Meij, Casper Slagter and Joris Pijpers


We are the Network & Acquisitions Board of EUCSA. Our aim is to create valuable partnerships for EUCSA to ensure the prosperous development of our student body and alumni. Through the networking & acquisitions we try to work towards a mutually beneficial relationship. You will be able to meet our excellent members, who might even come work for you, and will raise your brand awareness.  


We want to raise funds for the EUCSA community to support the association throughout the academic year. We will be focussing on professionalising and keeping the events excellent. We also want to include our partners more into our association through regular updates. 

Next to raising funds for the association, the board wants to provide deals for the students. These deals range from cultural events to job opportunities to food related discounts. But most and foremost we want to connect EUCSA with external bodies. 

why EUCSA?

Why should you choose for EUCSA members?

  • Critical thinkers

  • Socially driven

  • Academic excellence 

  • Curious and highly motivated

  • Open-minded student community from all over the world

Are you looking for highly skilled students qualified in problem solving?

Then do not look any further, we will tell you why you need us:

  • Broad diverse student body 

  • Socially engaged and highly motivated

  • Generate mutually beneficial partnerships


Professional Network

  • Connect students with our partners in and around Rotterdam through internships, jobs, and trainings

  • Encourage personal development and professional growth among EUCSA members with exclusive networking events

  • Expand our professional network by maintaining a close relationship with our alumni and other university colleges

Societal Impact

  • Providing EUCSA students with opportunities to engage in volunteer work. 

  • Connect students to the city and help them feel at home in Rotterdam. 

  • Build a positive reputation for EUC and its students

Student life

  • Enhancing student life with great deals at shops and restaurants near EUC and LUCIA.

  • Hel our EUCSA committees to organise their events in collaboration with partners

  • Acquiring budget for EUCSA and its events

Our Partners

Next to gathering funds from external parties, our main objective of the N&A Board is also to find partnerships that are valuable for EUCSA members. This is important for our community as we would like to organize events that have value for our members with different academic interests.


Contact Info

Email: external@eucsa.nl

Website: www.eucsa.nl

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/eucsa

Facebook: @eucstudentassociation

Instagram: @eucsa

Address: Nieuwe Markt 1A, 3011 HP, Rotterdam 


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